Saturday, August 9, 2008

08/09/08 part II

Can I just tell you how freaking nice and helpful everyone is here. So Eric Seals and I got to a photo position at cycling today and he went to look for food, he came back because there was a huge line and he had to shoot the race... so one of the photo people (not manager) went and got us each a banana, some cookies and yogurt!

And yesterday at the opening ceremony not only did the photo helper people bring us water in our seats but at one point they brought us all ponchos because they heard it MIGHT rain!!! It feels as though the Chinese people feel privileged to be hosting the Olympics, four years ago it felt as though the Olympics were a hassle to some of the Greeks (certainly not all of them, but some here and there).

Today was a bit rough because of the sleep thing but also because the only thing I was able to eat all day was the above mentioned items and a cold snickers bar. The food tent sold out of all items except snickers bars and microwave popcorn. Today was not a good culinary experience.

Well tomorrow is going to be brutal. I gotta get up at 6:30 to go to - my stepdad David will be happy to hear about this - Beach Volleyball, then I got synchronized diving, then I got to the Australia versus ??? basketball game and then I cover the USA versus China bball game which doesn't start until 10:15 pm!


You know when your running on fumes you sometimes think odd things, like I wished I had longer arms today.

p.s. Sean pointed out that I haven't been posting peeectures - I forgot I could do that with this here technology... will do it not tomorrow - but the day after most likely...


Jeff said...

You got a poncho, a banana, cookies AND yogurt? I told you my people are kind.

mad dog medinger said...

hey, i think i just saw you at the may-treanor/walsh vs. japan beach vball match!

jcfphotography said...

Don't forget my fortune cookie! You know I would of thought about longer legs. You're short like me buddy. If you're going to hallucinate go big!

p.s. pictures would be nice. I mean check out Vincent Laforet. His blog rocks! just kidding.

Nol said...

PHOTOS. You don't need to sleep as much as we need to see photos!