Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm really sleepy. By the way my room is awesome - it's huge and I have my own personal bathroom :) Only bad part is it's a 15 minute walk to the bus that we have to take to go to the MPC (main press center).

I saw a bunch of people I knew today - Paul Kitagaki (Sacrament Bee), Jed Jacobsohn (Getty), Dave Eulitt (Kansas City Star), Terry Schmidt, etc. and also met a bunch of people too... more when I'm more cognizant.

The Cube at night:

Outside of the Birds Nest - I could not get inside:

And the inside of the Cube - which does have some pretty bad stitching areas (on the bottom) but I could not fix them - tried for a while - I might have to go and reshoot it but the main part of this pano is the ceiling anyways....

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sconnelley said...

luv the pano's... makes me feel like I am there, sort of, I think i'll cry now